Contact Coaches

Head Coaches Contact List

Name Position E-mail
 Clinton Lawrence Athletic Director
Vrinda Mundkur Community Coaches + Fundraising
Ty Phillips Ass’t. Athletic Director- Athletic Transportation
Athletic Secretary
Candy Schulze Athletic Business Manager-Tickets
Tara Dugan Ass’t. Athletic Director- GHSA Eligibility
Ty Phillips Boys Basketball Head Coach
Antonio Wade Girls Basketball Head Coach
Tara Dugan Girls Cross Country and Track
Molly Bethune Boys and Girls Lacrosse Head Coach
Carrisa Roustan Girls Softball Head Coach
Alison Perry Athletic Trainer
Mike Baumgarten Ass’t. Athletic Director

Girls Golf Head Coach
Lashanda Whitworth Gymnastics Head Coach
Matt Kemper  Football Head Coach
LTC Duplechien Rifle Team
Gabriel Chapman Boys Soccer Head Coach
Katie Snyder Girls Soccer Head Coach
Sue Holder Swimming – Boys and Girls
Derek Shackelford Boys Head Tennis Coach
Ben Sutter Baseball Head Coach
Naomi Kirk Volleyball Head Coach
Billy Bradach Wrestling Head Coach
9th Grade Football Head Coach
Hilary Collins Competition Cheerleading Head Coach

Boys Soccer Coach
David Evans Cross Country and Track Head Coach