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Contact Coaches

Head Coaches Contact List

Name Position E-mail
John Coen Athletic Director coenj@fultonschools.org
Vrinda Mundkur Community Coaches + Fundraising Mundkur@fultonschools.org
David Burnett Ass’t. Athletic Director- Athletic Transportation burnettdc@fultonschools.org
Cathy Hillegas Athletic Secretary hillegas@fultonschools.org
Candy Schulze Athletic Business Manager-Tickets schulze@fultonschools.org
Andy Schultz Ass’t. Athletic Director- GHSA Eligibility-Track and Field Head Coach schultza@fultonschools.org
Ty Phillips Boys Basketball Head Coach phillipst@fultonschools.org
Amanda Brickhouse Girls Basketball Head Coach brickhouse@fultonschools.org
Tara Yaun Girls Cross Country yaun@fultonschools.org
Alex Chrzanowski Boys and Girls Lacrosse Head Coach chrzanowski@fultonschools.org
Carrisa Roustan Girls Softball Head Coach RoustanC@fultonschools.org
Alison Perry Athletic Trainer alison.perry01@gmail.com
Mike Baumgarten Ass’t. Athletic Director – Girls Golf Head Coach baumgarten@fultonschools.org
Lashanda Whitworth Gymnastics Head Coach whitworth@fultonschools.org
Matt Kemper  Football Head Coach kemper@fultonschools.org
LTC Duplechien Rifle Team  duplechiena@fultonschools.org
Molly Bethune/Hilary Collins Boys Soccer Head Coach bethunem@fultonschools.org


Katie Snyder Girls Soccer Head Coach snyderk@fultonschools.org
Sue Holder Swimming – Boys and Girls  holders@fultonschools.org


Derek Shackelford Boys and Girls Tennis Head Coach shackelfordd@fultonschools.org
Mike Power Baseball Head Coach mpowerbaseball@gmail.com
Naomi Kirk Volleyball Head Coach kirkn@fultonschools.org
Billy Bradach Wrestling Head Coach
9th Grade Football Head Coach
Hilary Collins Competition Cheerleading Head Coach collinsh@fultonschools.org
David Evans Cross Country Head Coach evansd@fultonschools.org