Hornets News · Andrew Miller receives Extraordinary Courage award from the NICA

Link: NICA Article
Congratulations to Andrew Miller, a Fragile X self-advocate, for receiving the Extraordinary Courage Award from the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA). The award, “recognizes student-athletes who have persevered through challenging circumstances and overcome adversity to develop and excel as a model student-athlete.”

NICA writes about Andrew, “Andrew Miller is 19 years old and a student at Roswell High School. He loves all sports and is a loyal fan to his favorite teams. He is empathetic to those around him and is frequently referred to as the Mayor of the High School halls. He enjoys hanging out with his friends playing basketball and loves to be a part of the mountain bike community. When Andrew was entering 9th grade and found many sports to be highly competitive he started looking for a sport in which he could participate at his own pace. He discovered mountain biking and learned about NICA and the Georgia Interscholastic Cycling League. There he found coaches and teammates who supported and encouraged him and made him feel a part of the team. Andrew was diagnosed at four years old with Fragile X Syndrome and while it has provided many challenges throughout his life it has also made him the kind determined and energetic person he is today. His determination helped drive him to participate in this sport he came to love and, with his mom’s support and the League’s assistance, created some unique accommodations to work around the obstacles that race day presented for him. Andrew has now completed his senior year of high school and while he will no longer compete, he intends to volunteer on race day and is looking forward to finding a young adult mountain bike club or league in which he can participate.”
Congratulations, Andrew, on being Xtraordinary! #FragileX National Interscholastic Cycling Association Georgia Interscholastic Cycling League
Come out and join Andrew again this 2020-2021 school year for the Roswell High Mountain Biking Club team. They will be starting up soon and you too can be part of something great!